10 things NOT do on your wedding day

The big day: It’s the day that every girl dreams of... the white dress and the bride that looks like a princess.. everyone is happy and everything goes on as planned for.. we want it special and we want it perfect.. we plan for everything and we try too hard to make it flawless.

However, there are some tiny small things that we may not pay attention to, and that may ruin the biggest day of our life.

Below are 10 things that you must NOT do on yourwedding day:

1. Don't do waxing on your wedding day! Waxing usually leaves your skin red and irritated for a couple of days. If you wish to do waxing, it will better to do it a couple of days before your wedding.

2. Don't drink too many liquids on your wedding day. This might sound like a silly advice but imagine going to the rest room with your long heavy white wedding dress!

3. The centre of attention of each wedding party is definitely the bride... and more specifically her wedding dress. However, do not pick a dress only because it looks good on you. Make sure the dress you pick actually works for you.

4. Never underestimate what a comfortable pair of shoes can do for you on your wedding night. Don't pick a pair of shoes only because it looks elegant and matches your dress. If you plan to dance and enjoy your night, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.

5. When picking your bridal flower bouquet, do not pick flowers that cause allergy. Go for allergy-free and pollenfree flowers. This way you will not only avoid sneezing, but will also avoid ending up with a pollen stain on your white dress.

6. Do not let your hair and make up artist surprise you on your wedding day. No matter how much you trust your make up and hair stylist, do not let him decide how you will look on your wedding party.

7. Do not fake a smile for the camera. All brides try to show themselves smiling in their pictures, and some worry that the camera may catch them not smiling on the big day!

8. Never invite someone that you do not like to your wedding. This is supposed to be your one special day where you are surrounded by those you love.

9. Don't invite your ex to your wedding! You will feel uncomfortable knowing he is watching every single move you make.

10. Finally, even if I made you angry on the day, let's not fight. Everybody will remember our wedding day as the day we had the biggest argument of our lives.